Ask An Expert: Pantone Huey Pro

I received a question that was generated during discussion of “The iMac Calibration Conundrum” about using the Pantone Huey Pro for monitor calibration.  Read on…

The Question:

Have you heard anything about the Huey Pro system? I am seriously considering getting that after it was highly recommended.  Curious to hear your thoughts.

Nat Coalson Responds:

The short answer: I believe the X-Rite i1 series is the only product 
line to consider when shopping for calibration and profiling software.
The longer answer: With X-Rite acquiring both Gretag Macbeth and 
Pantone in the last couple of years, they are not only the best color 
management supplier out there, they are one of the only ones remaining 
(Datavision and their inferior Spyder systems being the notable other).

The Huey system has long been plagued with poor performance and 
questionable results. It’s nowhere near “professional”. I’ve 
personally worked with several clients who had one, and determined 
that not only did the Huey not correct the colors on the display, but 
in many cases actually made things worse by introducing strange and 
undesirable color casts.

That said, I would expect that now that Pantone (and the Huey systems) 
are now under X-Rite’s wing, they might improve.

But you really do get what you pay for. If you’re really looking for 
accurate, predictable color, you need to be looking at around the $200 
range for a calibration kit with hardware and software.

For now, I’d avoid the Huey in all its flavors and go for the i1; 
either the LE or the Display 2 will give you significantly better 

Do you have personal experience with the Pantone Huey Pro?  If so, why not leave a comment?


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